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Up Next: Shoot Your Shot

A short film spotlighting sexual violence against black women on the southside of Chicago.

SHOOT YOUR SHOT is Bree Wright’s directorial debut. Inspired by true events, this potent story explores the everyday fears of women simply trying to get home. Recently, there have been various events where women were violently targeted for turning down men’s sexual advances. Some have lost their lives. Others have walked away with serious injuries. Shoot Your Shot is a visual representation of the trauma, fear, and violence that haunts women in our society today.

LOGLINE: After a long day of bussing tables and taking orders, JaBria's evening takes a turn when she is harassed by a neighborhood scrub looking for trouble.

SHOOT YOUR SHOT is led by emerging Chicago actors Dyamone Hopkins & Rich Oliver (DePaul MFA Theater School Alums) with a strong supporting cast with Malachi Shannon, Micah J. Oliver, Diego Longoria, and Delysa Richards.

Executive produced by George Ellzey Jr. and Estrella Vargas, this production is filled with talented Chicago professionals and students from DePaul University: Jordan Rivers (producer), Keiph Oliver (producer), Chase Clements (producer), Estrella Vargas (DP), Zeke Walker Raige (1st AD), Nicole Oritsejafor (Costumer), Raivyn (HMU), Harry Bearrows (editor), and Ryan Miller (colorist).

Principal photography for Shoot Your Shot begins September 31st with an expected festival debut in Winter 2024!

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