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Meet Me on Cottage Grove this Summer!

What a couple of months! From production and school meetings, life mishaps, and revisiting childhood memories, the month of May has been challenging for me. Even in the obstacles, there were deep revelations and sweet victories.

Last month, I was a finalist for the 2022 @bluecatwriters screenplay competition where I was in the top 5 out of 732 submissions. This month I was a finalist for the @cameraambassador 2022 Community Builders grant with my MFA thesis film @cottagegroveshortfilm. Although I did not win, I'm so grateful for the opportunity and for being in the company of such strong films, @gloshortfilm, and Video Funeral @primamateriapictures.

Cottage Grove is my love letter to every black and brown boy who need their dads. Loosely inspired by an event with my dad last summer, Cottage Grove is a father and son reconciliation tale in #Chicago. At the core, the film is about getting an apology from a parent.

I hope Cottage Grove inspires healthy conversations between parents and their children but more importantly, inspires black men to express their feelings instead of denying them so they can live freely.

We are #crowdfunding via @indiegogo and we’d love your support by donating and sharing our campaign. Learn more about our production here: Special thanks to @tyleradamscreative and @intemachtia for their creative work on our crowdfunding campaign!

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